About the Ballerina’s

Hi, I’m Andrea. Like most little girls, I grew up playing with my pony toys, but these games quickly flourished into a life-long passion for all things equine. Throughout my life, horses have grounded me, helping me to retain my sanity during my years of study at high school and university. When I bundled my life into my car to leave home for my first job, there was never a question as to whether my horse would come with me.

Andrea and Nonie

As an adult, I fund my equestrian obsession through my work as a dietitian in a community health service. When I’m not working, I can be found with my partner in crime, Nonie (aka Mon Ami), whether I am riding her, spoiling her with treats or scratching her favourite spots. Nonie is a 13 year old Oldenburg x thoroughbred mare, who was bred in Central North Queensland. We’ve now been together since mid 2010.

Whilst Nonie and I are still in the early days of dressage journey together, we have ambitions of competing at the FEI level. Dancing down the centreline of a grand prix test with her would be an absolute dream come true. In 2019 we relocated from North Queensland to Brisbane to pursue opportunities to train and compete on a more regular basis. 

The name of this blog does not come from a unique blend horse riding and dancing.  Despite the six months of ballet classes I took before declaring that I could dance now, I am one of the clumsiest people I know. Instead the name of this blog was inspired by what dressage at its best represents to me – a beautifully executed dance, horse and rider perfectly complementing one another. When Nonie and I are in harmony there are moments when it truly feels as though we are dancing.

INT TALENT 2018 AWARD - The Sand Arena Ballerina

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