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  • Alex Murray – Dressage rider at heart

    He actually showed me how much dressage can benefit a horse but also how important it is to let your horse have a break and have fun every now and then. I also just love the idea of training these wonderful animals to go sideways, to change leads, to listen so carefully to every small […]

  • Vale Gillian Rolton OAM

    Vale Gillian Rolton OAM

    In Australian households the name Gillian Rolton is synonymous with eventing. Perhaps best know for her two team gold Olympic medals in eventing on her horse Peppermint Grove, Gillian was an institution in the Australian equestrian community. It was with great sadness that we learnt yesterday of her passing after a two year battle with […]

  • What is in a dressage score?

    What is in a dressage score?

    As dressage riders we have all had that experience of going into the ring and feeling like we rode an awesome test, only to receive our test sheets and be disappointed with the score. Sometimes it may be that what we were feeling and what the judges saw were two different things, but there are […]

  • Great Equestrian Reads

    Great Equestrian Reads

    Ok, confession time, I am a total bookworm. Or at least I am now that I have wrestled my way out from under the mountain of text books and journal articles that were common place during the days of my undergraduate degree. Since I was a young child I have relished in the experience of […]