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  • Why you need to try Equimind Online Competitions

    Why you need to try Equimind Online Competitions

    The rise of the internet has seen the emergence of a new way of competing with your horse – online competitions. Equimind is a UK based company which now offers dressage, jumping, show horse, vaulting, riding for the disabled and even blind horse competitions, meaning that there is something for everyone. But why should you…

  • EquiMind Summer Championships 2017

    EquiMind Summer Championships 2017

    What if you could wake up at 6am, have a relaxing breakfast and then make your way out to a competition, plait your horse up, compete and be back home for lunch? Well that is exactly what I did this morning for the EquiMind Summer Championships. In July and August I competed in EquiMind’s monthly…

  • EquiMind Online Dressage Competitions

    EquiMind Online Dressage Competitions

    In June, Nonie and I were fortunate enough to be selected for sponsorship by online equestrian competition company EquiMind. The British based company cater for riders across a variety of disciplines including dressage, showing horsemanship and western vaulting and even have specialised classes for blind horses.   I had only recently become aware of the…