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  • The other equestrian athlete

    The other equestrian athlete

    Our horses are athletes and we care for them accordingly. But what about us riders? I couldn’t help but ponder this question as I watched Nonie fall asleep under the therapeutic touch of our incredible equine body worker Penny. While my horse gets fairly regular tune ups to keep her supple and fit, I have […]

  • Super Staples – Samshield Helmet Review

    As one of my favourite instagramers @joful_dressage once asked, “Is it wrong to love an inanimate object”? Well I am not sure that she ever had that question answered. I do know however, that I am in love with my new Samshield. As anyone who knows me will attest, this is nothing short of a […]

  • Great Equestrian Reads

    Great Equestrian Reads

    Ok, confession time, I am a total bookworm. Or at least I am now that I have wrestled my way out from under the mountain of text books and journal articles that were common place during the days of my undergraduate degree. Since I was a young child I have relished in the experience of […]