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  • Alex Murray – Dressage rider at heart

    He actually showed me how much dressage can benefit a horse but also how important it is to let your horse have a break and have fun every now and then. I also just love the idea of training these wonderful animals to go sideways, to change leads, to listen so carefully to every small […]

  • 2018 – The Halfway Update

    2018 – The Halfway Update

    Given that 2018 is more than halfway over I thought it was high time for an update. Its safe to say that 2018 has not gone quite to plan. We certainly haven’t achieved all the goals that I set for us at the start of the year, but have learned a lot and we have made […]

  • Clinic Recap

    Clinic Recap

    Well that’s a wrap on another awesome clinic with Dani Keogh. Walking away I couldn’t help but feel that this is what dressage is all about! I may be an average rider and while I love Nonie to pieces she is not the most talented horse in the world but over the past two and […]

  • Jessie Smith & Northern Storm

    Jessie Smith & Northern Storm

    Meet Jessie Smith South Australian dressage and show rider, who also happens to be the first Australian featured rider! At just 18 and 21 Jessie and Storm respectively have already achieved some big things. Her recent accomplishments include finishing in the top 10 at the Interschool National Championships last year, being a finalist for the Showhorse/Dressage Scholarship […]

  • My 2018 Riding Goals

    My 2018 Riding Goals

    There is something promising about the new year. It’s an opportunity to start afresh, set your sights on new things and new journeys. I love pouring over the competition calendar at the start of each year and planning for the coming year. A really important part of planning is setting goals. I’ve always set goals […]

  • The Blonde & The Bay

    The Blonde & The Bay

    Last week we got to know Maddie Bricken, how she came to riding, what she loves about the sport of dressage and much more. This week is all about Leah the other half of The Blonde & The Bay. Tell us about how Leah came into your life? I’ll try to explain this heartfelt story […]

  • Aphrodite Tech Stirrups – Product Review

    Aphrodite Tech Stirrups – Product Review

     I’d had been looking at my old stirrup irons for quite some time, (which I’d had for more than 10 years) wondering if I should bite the bullet and invest in a new pair. When my birthday came around and my parents weren’t too sure what to get for me, I jumped at the opportunity […]

  • 2017 – A year in Review – Equestrian Blog Hop

    2017 – A year in Review – Equestrian Blog Hop

    2017 was a whirlwind of changes to in my career and a different focus in my riding. A promotion at work saw my professional life ramp up. With Nonie and I being between elementary and medium level, competing took a back seat and the focus was squarely on learning. And I completed my first 12 […]

  • A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    Last weekend I attended a clinic with my coach Danielle Keogh. As well as being an incredible dressage rider and coach, Dani is also an experienced physiotherapist. I believe that her deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics gives her a unique perspective as a trainer. It’s also probably not particularly surprising that she has a […]

  • EquiMind Online Dressage Competitions

    EquiMind Online Dressage Competitions

    In June, Nonie and I were fortunate enough to be selected for sponsorship by online equestrian competition company EquiMind. The British based company cater for riders across a variety of disciplines including dressage, showing horsemanship and western vaulting and even have specialised classes for blind horses.   I had only recently become aware of the […]