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  • Clinic Recap

    Clinic Recap

    Well that’s a wrap on another awesome clinic with Dani Keogh. Walking away I couldn’t help but feel that this is what dressage is all about! I may be an average rider and while I love Nonie to pieces she is not the most talented horse in the world but over the past two and…

  • Short Steps and Flying changes

    Short Steps and Flying changes

    A few lessons with coach Danielle Keogh was just what the dressage gods ordered to kick of our 2018 season. Excitingly we were able to progress our work on both the short steps and the flying changes as well as further the developing the ‘pirouette canter’. In Australia we are in the middle of a…

  • A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    Last weekend I attended a clinic with my coach Danielle Keogh. As well as being an incredible dressage rider and coach, Dani is also an experienced physiotherapist. I believe that her deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics gives her a unique perspective as a trainer. It’s also probably not particularly surprising that she has a…