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  • Getting back in the sand arena

    Getting back in the sand arena

    Last weekend Nonie and I had our first time back in the sand arena as Brisbane-it’s. This also happened to be our first competition in over six months. The lead up My first proper ride last week was on Tuesday (Nonie had a body work session on Sunday so Monday was strictly a stretching day) […]

  • Body Image Stories from Riders

    Body Image Stories from Riders

    After sharing my thoughts on body image as it relates to riders and my own story, I wanted to share the stories of other riders. So a little while back I put a call out on Instagram for fellow equestrians to share their experiences and stories with body image. I was completely overwhelmed by the […]

  • Body Image – My story

    Body Image – My story

    Body image. A bad body day. Body positivity. Body neutrality. There are a thousand different nuanced ways to talk about how we relate to our bodies.  This is a matter I realised I felt strongly about a number of years ago. I couldn’t figure out why so many of my friends felt like their bodies […]

  • Lesson recap – Working on the basics

    After five days off the week before last Nonie had come back into work feeling not quite right. She wasn’t flattening our and pushing onto the forehand resulting in a heavy contact which has been her usual go to for quite some time, but I just felt like I couldn’t quite get her through. Yesterday […]

  • The perfect trap

    How many times have you uttered the phrase ‘it’s by no means perfect’ when you are sharing something that you are rightly proud of on social media? Have you not posted something on Instagram because you feared the negative reactions that it might garner from keyboard warriors and armchair experts? Have you pointed out the […]

  • Clicker Training for horses Clinic

    Clicker Training for horses Clinic

    Last weekend I had my first foray into the world of clicker training with the amazinfg Georgia Bruce of Click with Horses. I think its safe to say that with the change I’ve already seen in Nonie, I won’t be looking back.  On Friday afternoon I made my way up to Pamela Kingwill’s beautiful facilities […]

  • The great balancing act – Amateur Equestrians

    The great balancing act – Amateur Equestrians

    Riding as an adult amateur can simply be described as one big balancing act. You’re trying to keep about ten balls in the air at any one point in time. Picture this, you woke up at 5.30 to get in a quick workout, before rushing home to shower and feed your dog. You then head […]

  • 2018 Christmas Wish List

    While I am on a voluntarily enforced spending freeze I love nothing more than browsing my favourite equestrian stores. In case you missed the ever growing pile of decorations then FYI Christmas is less than 30 days away I decided it would be perfect to get put together a list of perfect Christmas gifts for […]

  • Sweet Fields Photography equestrian portraits

    Sweet Fields Photography equestrian portraits

    Towards the end of 2017 Chrystle Campeo of Sweet Fields Photography offered to shoot portraits of our horses. I had seen some of the portrait shots Chrystle had take  of her own and her mother’s horses and they were gorgeous. Having worked with Chrystle previously for our ‘family portrait’ photos I already knew just how […]