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  • 8 Incredible Equestrian Instagram accounts

    I’ve said it before, I’ll happily see it again, I LOVE instagram. Through Instagram I found a group of likeminded horse obsessed people at a time when I was not physically surrounded by many of them.  Today I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts with you all. Now I could have shared […]

  • Rising to the challenge of difficult rides

    Several weeks ago on Instagram I mentioned that I wanted to improve the way that I dealt with challenging rides. You now those rides where you just can’t quite get it together, everything feels like hard work, or maybe they are even those rides where you just don’t quite get that moment of brilliance that […]

  • Isolation recommendations for Equestrians

    Normally I share my monthly recommendations via the blog sign up list, however this month I thought I would do things a little differently. Great Reads From Heather at the Timid Rider is 6 apps to help you stay sane during self isolation/physical distancing. This article on Noelle Floyd is a remidner that this lock […]

  • 5 Equestrian Instagram accounts that will make you laugh

    Social media for the most part is a wonderful place to hang out. At times such as these (in the midst of fear about COVID-19) sometimes you really just need to laugh. And these five accounts that share equestrian memes are guaranteed to do just that.   @Dressagequeen_of_memes First cab off the ranks is @Dressagequeen_of_memes, […]

  • The problem with pursuing perfection

    Hi my name is Andrea and I’m recovering perfectionist. Just kidding. But in all seriousness I often joke about the fact that I’m a perfectionistic overachiever. Within the equine world, dressage riders are often known for being the detail-oriented  perfectionists. And similar things are often said about dietitians within the healthcare setting. In the past […]

  • Sun safety for Equestrians

    Having grown up with a mum who was a nurse and a dad who had several skin cancers removed, sun safety was in the air that I breathed. So it came as a bit of a shock to me when I found out that women not much younger than myself didn’t realise that tanning was […]

  • How you can help during the Australian Bushfires

    How you can help during the Australian Bushfires

    Australia it seems is literally on fire. We are in the midst of what is one of the worst bushfire seasons on record with fires blazing across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. The facts are staggering. A state of emergency has been declared in NSW. 19 people […]

  • 2019 A year in review

    2019 A year in review

    It’s a cliché for a reason, each year seems to pass quicker than the last and yet when I cast back to the start of this year I can barely remember what happened. In a word 2019 was huge! 2019 got off to a rocky start with me getting over a random viral illness, but […]

  • Black Friday Sales The Equestrian Round up

    Black Friday Sales The Equestrian Round up

    I love to shop, but I also love a good deal. So I figured the least I could do would be to share with you the deals that my favourite companies and brands are having for this Black Friday. Stevie Breeches Since first trying Stevie Breeches about a month ago I am fully obsessed. Like […]

  • Bending Line Designs Equestrian Journals

    Bending Line Designs Equestrian Journals

    The Bending Line Design Equestrian Journal Range This new equestrian company offers a super range of digital journals which provide practical solutions for keeping your horses information organised. The full Bending Line Design Equestrian journal range includes the Total EQ Journal, the Show Journal, the New Boarder Journal, the Equine Health Journal, the Ride Journal, […]