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  • Short Steps and Flying changes

    Short Steps and Flying changes

    A few lessons with coach Danielle Keogh was just what the dressage gods ordered to kick of our 2018 season. Excitingly we were able to progress our work on both the short steps and the flying changes as well as further the developing the ‘pirouette canter’. In Australia we are in the middle of a […]

  • My Plan – January 2018

    My Plan – January 2018

    The 11th day of January may seem like an odd and late time to be sharing with you all what my plan for the month, however there is a reason. Towards the end of last year I took Nonie’s shoes off. This has been another learning curve for me. I have a lot left to […]

  • 2017 – A year in Review – Equestrian Blog Hop

    2017 – A year in Review – Equestrian Blog Hop

    2017 was a whirlwind of changes to in my career and a different focus in my riding. A promotion at work saw my professional life ramp up. With Nonie and I being between elementary and medium level, competing took a back seat and the focus was squarely on learning. And I completed my first 12 […]

  • Bridleless riding and adventures on the beach

    Bridleless riding and adventures on the beach

    As long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters. We’ve all heard it before. And yet somewhere along the way our ambition takes over and the fun can easily take a back seat. Regular readers will know that I love dressage and I genuinely take pleasure in the process of learning and mastering new skills. However […]

  • Vale Gillian Rolton OAM

    Vale Gillian Rolton OAM

    In Australian households the name Gillian Rolton is synonymous with eventing. Perhaps best know for her two team gold Olympic medals in eventing on her horse Peppermint Grove, Gillian was an institution in the Australian equestrian community. It was with great sadness that we learnt yesterday of her passing after a two year battle with […]

  • My values as an equestrian

    My values as an equestrian

    I recently listened to the #HorseHour podcast ‘Train your brain’ episode. In this episode host Amy Frost talked to performance coach Jenni Winter about how we can harness our brains to maximise performance with our horses. During this conversation, Jenni discussed the importance of our personal values and how this influences our goals. It got […]

  • For the Love of Learning – Part 2 YouTube

    For the Love of Learning – Part 2 YouTube

    In my first post in the series, ‘For the love of learning’ I shared my favourite equestrian podcasts. Because we all have different learning styles it’s important to look at different learning tools. This week it’s all about YouTube Channels. As far as training goes there only a small number of dedicated YouTube channels that […]

  • A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    Last weekend I attended a clinic with my coach Danielle Keogh. As well as being an incredible dressage rider and coach, Dani is also an experienced physiotherapist. I believe that her deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics gives her a unique perspective as a trainer. It’s also probably not particularly surprising that she has a […]

  • Why a $5 notebook was a brilliant investment in my riding

    Why a $5 notebook was a brilliant investment in my riding

    I recently purchased a small, rather unassuming notebook for just $5 and I can honestly say, its been a fantastic investment in my riding. I’ve been using it on a regular basis to reflect upon my riding sessions and it has changed the way I approach my training with Nonie. I can’t claim coming up […]

  • Bareback Horse Riding

    Bareback Horse Riding

    I pulled in at Champion C this Tuesday afternoon around five o’clock, before I had even turned off my car I realised that my short boots were in a rather useless spot, the front porch at home. Although I now have a bit of a collection of boots (read more about my Celeris Boots here), […]