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  • What you need to know about bringing your horse back into work

    What you need to know about bringing your horse back into work

    In light of many countries starting to lift their COVID-19 restrictions Louise @induehorse, Heather @timidrider and I put together an episode of the Equestrian Pulse about important considerations for bringing your horse back into work. You can listen to the episode here. While I have been lucky enough to keep Nonie in full work during COVID-19 […]

  • Paula Price lesson Recap

    Paula Price lesson Recap

    Last Saturday Nonie and I ventured out for our first lesson in Brisbane! My local dressage club was holding a clinic with local FEI dressage rider and coach Paula Price so I decided I would go along. It was an exciting milestone that initially had my stomach churning with a maelstrom of emotions. When I […]

  • Not an easy horse

    Not an easy horse

    This post was originally posted on my Instagram account @the_sand_arena_ballerina How many times have you read the words, ‘he is just not easy to ride’? Actually forget that. How many times have I written let alone thought those words? Probably a lot more than I care to admit. It’s something I actually try really hard not say. It doesn’t quite sit right with me. Why?There […]

  • 2019 – The Goals and The Plan

    2019 – The Goals and The Plan

    Nothing makes me heart sing quite like the start of a new year. Thats not because it’s time for resolutions or a ‘new year, new me’ attitude. Frankly I find that approach a little problematic. I work hard all year to improve myself as a person and rider – I don’t need a new year […]

  • 3 essential ingredients that make a great coach

    3 essential ingredients that make a great coach

    I have been very fortunate as a rider to work with some incredible coaches from whom I have learnt enormously. I’ve also worked with some arguably wonderful riders and coaches where I just haven’t got much out of the lesson. Over time I have come to realise that there are certain ingredients that make for […]

  • Learning the double bridle

    After my last competition of the year in 2016 my coach recommended that I was ready to start Nonie in a double bridle. For me this felt like a huge step forward, a sign that I was becoming a ‘grown-up’ rider. I had a few out rides using the bits that had been hanging around […]

  • Five ways to turn a bad ride around

    Five ways to turn a bad ride around

    We’ve all been there, the bad ride that turns into a bad week of rides. When your having a challenging time in the saddle, its easy to get stuck in a rut. Here are five strategies to help you turn a bad ride, or a run of bad rides around. 1. Have gratitude Remind yourself […]

  • The Ups and the Downs

    The Ups and the Downs

    I had a funny blog post all set to share tonight, but instead I want to talk about something else – the ups and the downs of this sport. As some of you may have seen from my most recent blog I’ve had a funny past couple of weeks in my riding. And when I […]

  • Clinic Recap

    Clinic Recap

    Well that’s a wrap on another awesome clinic with Dani Keogh. Walking away I couldn’t help but feel that this is what dressage is all about! I may be an average rider and while I love Nonie to pieces she is not the most talented horse in the world but over the past two and […]

  • My 2018 Riding Goals

    My 2018 Riding Goals

    There is something promising about the new year. It’s an opportunity to start afresh, set your sights on new things and new journeys. I love pouring over the competition calendar at the start of each year and planning for the coming year. A really important part of planning is setting goals. I’ve always set goals […]