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  • Eyes Up Grab Mane – Body image stories

    Eyes Up Grab Mane – Body image stories

    Meet Cindy of the equestrian Instagram account Eyes Up Grab Mane. Cindy is an adult returning to the saddle documenting her journey. She was kind enough to share her experiences of being a rider in a bigger body. NOTE: You may notice through out her story Cindy refers to herself as fat – within the […]

  • Side saddle with Katie Ockendon-Evans

    Side saddle with Katie Ockendon-Evans

    I have always been fascinated with the idea of riding side saddle. There is something which looks so elegant and effortless, yet knowing what I do about horses I can only imagine that it is anything but effortless. I’ve been following Katie Ockendon-Evans for a while now on facebook and was thrilled when she agree […]

  • Plaid Paper

    Plaid Paper

    I recently came across the most beautiful Instagram account called Plaid Paper (@PlaidPaper) filled with whimsical water colours of horses, dogs and cosy homes. If you haven’t seen Plaid Paper already, stop what you are doing and head across right now! I knew instantly that I wanted to learn more about the talented woman behind […]

  • Louise Dando – In Due Horse

    Louise Dando – In Due Horse

    Louise Dando is an English equestrian blogger, currently living in France. Her beautiful blog In Due Horse, is a equestrian lifestyle blog which boasts a wide variety of content. From the personal, to product reviews, horsey destinations and interesting stories from the equestrian world. I recently had the chance to get to know Louise better. […]