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  • Alex Murray – Dressage rider at heart

    He actually showed me how much dressage can benefit a horse but also how important it is to let your horse have a break and have fun every now and then. I also just love the idea of training these wonderful animals to go sideways, to change leads, to listen so carefully to every small…

  • Out of the Woods – Featured Rider

    Out of the Woods – Featured Rider

    When it came time to share the story of our most recent featured rider, Laura, I wasn’t sure what the total of the story should be – Out of the Woods. It’s the name of the first horse Laura has owned, the name of her business and signals her love of Taylor Swift. Between recording…

  • Kiera Phlipot – The Hunter Jumper World

    Kiera Phlipot – The Hunter Jumper World

    Allie – Rhea’s 2019 foal. Allie is a bay filly by Figaro B (a big derby hunter Belgian Warmblood stallion). Allie was born at the end of April and is the cutest! I’m excited to bring her along in the hunter ring.    Maestro – Allie’s paternal half-brother. So they share the same stallion (Figaro…

  • Spur and Snaffle – Jumper Rider

    Spur and Snaffle – Jumper Rider

    What would be your advice to other riders?

  • Side saddle with Katie Ockendon-Evans

    Side saddle with Katie Ockendon-Evans

    I have always been fascinated with the idea of riding side saddle. There is something which looks so elegant and effortless, yet knowing what I do about horses I can only imagine that it is anything but effortless. I’ve been following Katie Ockendon-Evans for a while now on facebook and was thrilled when she agree…

  • Louise Dando – In Due Horse

    Louise Dando – In Due Horse

    Louise Dando is an English equestrian blogger, currently living in France. Her beautiful blog In Due Horse, is a equestrian lifestyle blog which boasts a wide variety of content. From the personal, to product reviews, horsey destinations and interesting stories from the equestrian world. I recently had the chance to get to know Louise better.…

  • Q&A with Zoe Boyd ‘That Sassy Rider’

    Q&A with Zoe Boyd ‘That Sassy Rider’

    Zoe Boyd is a fellow equestrian blogger from England. I stumbled across her page ‘That Sassy Rider’ via an interview she did with another blogger and was immediately hooked.  She is funny, intelligent and insightful and best of all she is truly a horse person. If you’ve scrolled through any of her social media feeds…

  • Tilda Carnegie Paraequestrian – Featured Rider

    Tilda Carnegie Paraequestrian – Featured Rider

    Tilda Carnegie is a 20 year old dressage rider and University Student studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations. On the face of it she is just like any other young adult, who enjoys hanging out with her friends, has aspirations to travel and complete a Masters Degree and to represent her country…

  • Jessie Smith & Northern Storm

    Jessie Smith & Northern Storm

    Meet Jessie Smith South Australian dressage and show rider, who also happens to be the first Australian featured rider! At just 18 and 21 Jessie and Storm respectively have already achieved some big things. Her recent accomplishments include finishing in the top 10 at the Interschool National Championships last year, being a finalist for the Showhorse/Dressage Scholarship…

  • The Blonde & The Bay

    The Blonde & The Bay

    Last week we got to know Maddie Bricken, how she came to riding, what she loves about the sport of dressage and much more. This week is all about Leah the other half of The Blonde & The Bay. Tell us about how Leah came into your life? I’ll try to explain this heartfelt story…