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  • 2020 Riders on a Mission challenge wrap up

    In early July I talked about some of the changes I would be making over the month as part of the Honest Riders, Riders on a mission sustainability challenge. During the month, I made some changes that were not only easy but have made a difference so I thought I would share more about them […]

  • Why it’s not a disgrace to have your coach ride your horse: According to the Sand Arena Ballerina

    Why it’s not a disgrace to have your coach ride your horse: According to the Sand Arena Ballerina

    Not having my coach ride my horse, was something that I used to unreasonably proud of. I wore it as a badge of honour, the same way that some people wear their busyness. I felt that it represented some mild form of success which meant that I didn’t need my coach to ride my horse. […]

  • April Fool’s 2020

    April Fool’s 2020

    Let’s be honest 2020 has been off to a… weird start. From the Bushfires to floods in Australia and now the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to bouy people’s spirits I thought I would pull together the horse themed April Fool’s days jokes that did the rounds this year. Ranvet gave us a science based […]

  • Raspberry Coconut Frozen Yoghurt – recipe

    Raspberry Coconut Frozen Yoghurt – recipe

    With summer in full swing (in the southern hemisphere) fruits such as berries are at their best. These raspberries coconut frozen yoghurts are a great way to enjoy these gorgeous fruits. Ingredients 400g yoghurt (I prefer vanilla yoghurt but any flavour will work well)1 punnet raspberries2-3 tablespoons of coconut flakes Directions 1. Crush berries using […]

  • Kiera Phlipot – The Hunter Jumper World

    Kiera Phlipot – The Hunter Jumper World

    Allie – Rhea’s 2019 foal. Allie is a bay filly by Figaro B (a big derby hunter Belgian Warmblood stallion). Allie was born at the end of April and is the cutest! I’m excited to bring her along in the hunter ring.    Maestro – Allie’s paternal half-brother. So they share the same stallion (Figaro […]

  • 2019 The Beginnings – Equestrian Edition

    2019 The Beginnings – Equestrian Edition

    Ummm so how is 2019 already 1/3 of the way over? It certainly has been a jam packed start to the year. Here’s what you might have missed so far.   2019 got off to a fairly slow start as I recovered from a strange viral gastro illness. Once I had recovered we made the […]

  • #5thingsimproudof Challenge

    #5thingsimproudof Challenge

    I recently completed Rhea Freeman‘s Five Things I’m Proud of Challenge (#5thingsimproudof) of Instagram. But first why did I do a challenge about the things I’m proud of? Is that not a little bit narcissistic? I don’t think so and here is why…As riders we spend a significant amount of time criticising ourselves and our […]

  • Q&A with Zoe Boyd ‘That Sassy Rider’

    Q&A with Zoe Boyd ‘That Sassy Rider’

    Zoe Boyd is a fellow equestrian blogger from England. I stumbled across her page ‘That Sassy Rider’ via an interview she did with another blogger and was immediately hooked.  She is funny, intelligent and insightful and best of all she is truly a horse person. If you’ve scrolled through any of her social media feeds […]

  • Perspective – Dressage competition report

    Perspective – Dressage competition report

    As I sat next to my float polishing my boots as the fog slowly cleared this morning, listening to the sounds of Nonie contentedly chewing her breakfast, I had to laugh to myself. Perspective certainly is a funny thing. Just over two weeks ago I surely would have been thrilled with any score above 60% […]

  • The Ups and the Downs

    The Ups and the Downs

    I had a funny blog post all set to share tonight, but instead I want to talk about something else – the ups and the downs of this sport. As some of you may have seen from my most recent blog I’ve had a funny past couple of weeks in my riding. And when I […]