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  • Centreline Equestrian – Product Review

    Centreline Equestrian – Product Review

    Centreline Equestrian is a recently launched business based in Queensland Australia owned by mother and daughter duo Michelle and Abbie. As a warmblood breeder and dressage rider Abbie saw a gap in the market for affordable, quality equestrian products and so Centreline Equestrian was born. The Centreline Equestrian moto is Positive Mind, Positive Ride. Abbie […]

  • Scotch garding white breeches – Does it work?

    Scotch garding white breeches – Does it work?

    A recent tip, a can of Scotch Gard and a new pair of white breehes. Find out how it went The pair of breeches I used in this video  are the Wilson Equestrian Tallow Breeches which are my current favourites. I have a pair in grey which I wear everyday and look stunning with […]

  • Why I bought a new helmet in under 1 year

    Those of you who have been following along here for a while will likely know that I am obsessed with my Samshield. However I recently needed to replace my helmet. Check out this Vlog to find out why. I also want to give a big shout out to Dale at Chaballo who was extremely helpful to […]

  • My Christmas Wish List

    My Christmas Wish List

    The decorations have been out since Haloween, but December has only just started. This seemed like the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun and put together my Christmas wish list. Celeris Deck shoes These gorgeous deck shoes will take you from a casual Sunday Lunch to the paddock, keeping your feet both stylish […]

  • Celeris bespoke boots – Product review

    Celeris bespoke boots – Product review

    I used to joke that top boots are the dressage riders equivalent of ballet pointe slippers, so I was delighted when I discovered Celeris Bespoke boots. In my opinion, these boots are the ultimate when it comes to style, elegance and comfort. I swore off top boots after an initial bad experience with another brand, […]

  • One horse threads – Product Review

    One horse threads – Product Review

    At nearly 29 some people may argue that I am far too old to be wearing cute equestrian themed clothing. These people are not my friends, because honestly who needs that kind of negativity in their life? I discovered the American based company ‘One Horse Threads’ via Instagram and made my first purchase shortly after. […]

  • Super Staples – Samshield Helmet Review

    As one of my favourite instagramers @joful_dressage once asked, “Is it wrong to love an inanimate object”? Well I am not sure that she ever had that question answered. I do know however, that I am in love with my new Samshield. As anyone who knows me will attest, this is nothing short of a […]