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  • Our first dressage competition of 2018

    Our first dressage competition of 2018

    Yesterday the sun was bright, the sky was clear. It was the perfect day for a dressage competition. Those of you who have read a few of my stories will likely know that I like to look for the lessons in things. Yesterday’s dressage competition was no different. So here are my learnings. 1. I […]

  • The year I fell in love with competing

    The year I fell in love with competing

    In 2015, I fell in love with competing and in doing so, I fell in love with dressage all over again. While this may not seem like a big revelation, for me it is. Throughout 2014, I questioned whether I would ever compete again as a result of several bad experiences. My life had changed […]

  • Jessie Smith & Northern Storm

    Jessie Smith & Northern Storm

    Meet Jessie Smith South Australian dressage and show rider, who also happens to be the first Australian featured rider! At just 18 and 21 Jessie and Storm respectively have already achieved some big things. Her recent accomplishments include finishing in the top 10 at the Interschool National Championships last year, being a finalist for the Showhorse/Dressage Scholarship […]

  • My 2018 Riding Goals

    My 2018 Riding Goals

    There is something promising about the new year. It’s an opportunity to start afresh, set your sights on new things and new journeys. I love pouring over the competition calendar at the start of each year and planning for the coming year. A really important part of planning is setting goals. I’ve always set goals […]

  • Short Steps and Flying changes

    Short Steps and Flying changes

    A few lessons with coach Danielle Keogh was just what the dressage gods ordered to kick of our 2018 season. Excitingly we were able to progress our work on both the short steps and the flying changes as well as further the developing the ‘pirouette canter’. In Australia we are in the middle of a […]

  • Comparisons & Equestrians

    Comparisons & Equestrians

    I have long compared myself to other riders. The hallmark of these comparisons has been a sense of not good enough-ness. In years gone by I’ve felt the need to justify where I am on my journey in comparison to others. My sense of self-worth as a rider rested precariously on the delicate balance of […]

  • 2017 – A year in Review – Equestrian Blog Hop

    2017 – A year in Review – Equestrian Blog Hop

    2017 was a whirlwind of changes to in my career and a different focus in my riding. A promotion at work saw my professional life ramp up. With Nonie and I being between elementary and medium level, competing took a back seat and the focus was squarely on learning. And I completed my first 12 […]

  • Equine Ambition – November Blog Hop

    Equine Ambition – November Blog Hop

    When I think ambition, I am almost instantly transported back to my Grade 11 English class and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I loved English, Macbeth not so much but I was very excited when the November Blog Hop topic was revealed as Ambition. The evolution of my ambition Even as a teenager I was ambitious. I wanted to […]

  • A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    A clinic with Danielle Keogh

    Last weekend I attended a clinic with my coach Danielle Keogh. As well as being an incredible dressage rider and coach, Dani is also an experienced physiotherapist. I believe that her deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics gives her a unique perspective as a trainer. It’s also probably not particularly surprising that she has a […]

  • EquiMind Summer Championships 2017

    EquiMind Summer Championships 2017

    What if you could wake up at 6am, have a relaxing breakfast and then make your way out to a competition, plait your horse up, compete and be back home for lunch? Well that is exactly what I did this morning for the EquiMind Summer Championships. In July and August I competed in EquiMind’s monthly […]