Author: Andrea

  • Goodbye Nonie

  • Dear Nonie

    Dear Nonie, Thank you for loaning me your girl. I know you would have wanted to be here with her. I think you two had a lot of things left to do together. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet you. She speaks so fondly of you. Every now and again when we are […]

  • Happiness

  • Black Friday Sales Wrap up

    As a newly fiscally responsible horse I would never encourage frivolous spending. However I also know that all too often there is something that we need for us or our beloved ponies, so why not take advantage of the great sales happening over the Black Friday weekend. 

  • Total Saddle Fit Girth Review

    Being a type A dressage rider, I am always in search of any piece of tack that will make my horse more comfortable. If it results in even the tiniest improvement in performance then that is a bonus. With this in mind in 2018 I decided to make the switch to a fleece lined girth. […]

  • If equestrian girls were honest on their dating profiles

    Horse girls – easy to love hard to afford. Thats how the saying goes, however I think my previous boyfriends would beg to differ. Sure we are hard to afford (not that I ever asked anyone to pay my way), but easy to love…? In my newly found single state I started to ponder what […]

  • Five mistakes your making in your leather care routine

    Five mistakes your making in your leather care routine

    You know that saddle sitting in your barn thats worth thousands of dollars. You are protecting that investment with your tip top leather care routine, right? You wipe it down after each ride. You store it carefully. You soap it up to get rid of all that dirt and grim before you condition it after […]

  • 2020 Riders on a Mission challenge wrap up

    In early July I talked about some of the changes I would be making over the month as part of the Honest Riders, Riders on a mission sustainability challenge. During the month, I made some changes that were not only easy but have made a difference so I thought I would share more about them […]

  • Riding update – Mid 2020

    In the whirlwind that has been 2020 I realised that it has been quite some time since I’ve given everyone an update on how Nonie and I are getting along in our training. Early this year I made the decision to focus on consolidating the medium work and getting ready to move up to advanced […]

  • Grabbing Mane – Book Review

    Grabbing Mane – Book Review

    In Grabbing Mane, Natalie Keller Reinert breathes new life and complexity into a tale as old as time. Girl rides horses. Parents fund horses. Girl takes a break from riding in order to secure a career to fund horses. Girl is eventually lured back into the wonderful world of horses. We meet Casey in her […]