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Grabbing Mane – Book Review

Grabbing Mane – Book Review

In Grabbing Mane, Natalie Keller Reinert breathes new life and complexity into a tale as old as time. Girl rides horses. Parents fund horses. Girl takes a break from riding in order to secure a career to fund horses. Girl is eventually lured back into 

Rising to the challenge of difficult rides

Rising to the challenge of difficult rides

Several weeks ago on Instagram I mentioned that I wanted to improve the way that I dealt with challenging rides. You now those rides where you just can’t quite get it together, everything feels like hard work, or maybe they are even those rides where 

Isolation recommendations for Equestrians

Isolation recommendations for Equestrians

Normally I share my monthly recommendations via the blog sign up list, however this month I thought I would do things a little differently.

Great Reads

From Heather at the Timid Rider is 6 apps to help you stay sane during self isolation/physical distancing.

This article on Noelle Floyd is a remidner that this lock down is stressful for EVERYONE including your barn owner who may have had to make the decision to shut down their facility for the foreseeable future.

Louise Dando of @induehorse shared the realisations she has had since going into total lockdown and being separated from her mare May in France.

And last but not least are these wonderful recommendations for caring for your horse during the pandemic from the Savvy Horsewoman. Stay tuned also for my guest post on teh Savvy Horsewoman all about tips for improving your riding without being in the saddle.

My friend Louise has a Facebook book club which you find out more about here. This is a great way to connect with other like-minded Equestrians during this period of iso.

If you are looking for a novel to sink your teeth into now, check out the reocmmendations on my blog.


As you probably know by now I am a co-host on the Equestrian Pulse podcast. We have put together a bunch of COVID themed podcasts.

DR Sarah shared excellent information on how to stay safe and minimise risks during COVID-19

COVID-19 and how it is affecting our lives (Part 1)

COVID-19 Best practices with Dr. Sarah (Part 2)

How to think positively during lockdown with Nicky from Be Your Best

To ride or not to ride, is that a question?

Now that we are done with that shameless bit of self promotion, I want to recommend a podcast by Rhea Freeman, who is a PR specialising in supporting those in the country and equestrian space. She recently released an episode of her Small and Supercharged podcast dedicated to how we can help support small businesses during this pandemic.

Another podcast recommendation comes from  Rhea Freeman

Non-equestrian recommendations

Now if you are wanting something not about horses, well I’ve got you covered for that too!

You can find my fave podcasts over at the Blonde Blog

On the TV show front, my partner and I recently devoured Dirty John on Netflix. Based on a true story the show features a star studded cast and a plot line with more twists than you could expect. We also enjoyed Locke and Key.

Occasionally I like to read a book that’s not about horses, and I am currently ripping through Air Kisses by Zoë Foster Blake.

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The Hidden Horses of New York by Natalie Keller Reinert

The Hidden Horses of New York by Natalie Keller Reinert

Warning: once you slip into the pages of a Natalie Keller Reinart book it will be impossible to pull yourself away. Life and deadlines be damned! Nothing makes the prospect of your first international long haul flight less daunting than being gifted a copy of 

Book Review – Loxwood

Book Review – Loxwood

Over the last week, I have devoured the Loxwood series by Grace Wilkinson. Some of you may already know about how much I love to get comfortable and dive into a good equestrian read and the Loxwood series certainly fits the bill. The Loxwood series, set 

Great Equestrian Reads

Great Equestrian Reads

Ok, confession time, I am a total bookworm. Or at least I am now that I have wrestled my way out from under the mountain of text books and journal articles that were common place during the days of my undergraduate degree. Since I was a young child I have relished in the experience of being transported to another world just by simply picking up a book.

Confession number two is probably unsurprising, but I never quite grew out of the ‘pony mad’ stage, so of course I love nothing more than to bury myself in a good equine read. Sadly well written equestrian novels are few and far between, particularly if you have already read your way through the classics by the likes of Pullein-Thompson sisters.

Since I have done the leg work, I thought I would share a few of my favourite reads with you. Where many other equine novels fall short, these novels excel, they place the horses and the riding front and centre of the plots. They are also far from your average, 12 yo child with a big dream, stumbles across an outrageously talented and conveniently cheap horse, who just also happens to be wild and untrainable, for anyone except that 12yo child that is. And best of all these titles are available on Amazon for Kindle, which means no waiting!

1. The Dressage Chronicles by Karen McGoldrick

The Dressage Chronicles accounts the journey of young and optimistic Lizzy who quits a sensible desk job in order to pursue her passion whilst working for her idol Margot Fanning. This series is exceptional in the way that the writer describes the daily struggles of working with horses, the accidents and mistakes and the occasional triumphs.

The Dressage Chronicles Karne McGoldrick

2. The Eventing Trilogy by Caroline Akrill

In the Eventing Trilogy we meet Elaine, who stumbles into the world of eventing through a combination of luck and hard work. The novels follow her journey from working for the eccentric and broke Fane sisters to training in one of the countries elite eventing programs. Originally written in the early 1980’s, these books allow you to slip in the world of eventing and hunting in England, with just a suspicion of romance.

Ticket to Ride
My dog eared copy of Caroline Akrill’s wonderful eventing novel ‘ Ticket to Ride’

3. Ride Every Stride by Amy Maltman

What is perhaps most unexpected about this novel is the way the story begins. Jed is a young man at the lowest point of his life when he secures a job as a groom at an elite barn in Canada. While his hard dedication and determination ultimately see him become head trainer, don’t be mistaken, this is no Cinderella story.

Ride Every Stride Showjumping Novel

4. The Eventing Series by Natalie Keller Reinert

Jules Thornton loves her horses and the sport of eventing. She has raw unharnessed talent, but her bad luck and financial woes might just be her undoing. As a character who can’t help but get in her own way and you’ll be rooting for Jules to succeed every step of the way.

The Eventing Series


I’d love to know about your favourite equestrian reads!