April Fool’s 2020

The Sand Arena Ballerina's round up of the 2020 Eq April fools Day pranks

Let’s be honest 2020 has been off to a… weird start. From the Bushfires to floods in Australia and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an attempt to bouy people’s spirits I thought I would pull together the horse themed April Fool’s days jokes that did the rounds this year.

Ranvet gave us a science based anti-spooking serum which promised to do exactly as the name suggests.

Ranvet's anti-spook serum turned out to be a joke

Our friends at Horse Nation introduced us to the Saddle Piddle Pal designed for those of us with the tiniest of bladders who don’t want to miss out on valuable saddle time.

Any takers on the Saddle Piddle Pal??
Photo from Horse Nation

The Heels Down Brief always brings the goods. This year was no exception with their announcement in the brief that competitors could don a conservation mask in the ring.

And my personal favourite eq themed April fools Day joke...

While the Plaid Horse made waves by announcing the introduction of a hunter class where lead changes would not be required!

From horse and hound was the ‘news article‘ bearing the news that a rider was fined for failing to pick up after their pony. Or maybe rose scented manure is more your style… Although at £200 a bag I can’t imagine who the target audience would be.

And last but not least was Equistro Canada with their unicorn dust, which I think we can all agree would have been magical (especially at the low low price of $999.00 for 1kg).

Rainbow dust for horses? Yep that would be magical

And routing out the line up is this gem from my friend Bailey from @joyful_dressage


Did I miss any?