8 Incredible Equestrian Instagram accounts

I’ve said it before, I’ll happily see it again, I LOVE instagram. Through Instagram I found a group of likeminded horse obsessed people at a time when I was not physically surrounded by many of them. 

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts with you all. Now I could have shared accounts like @joyful_dressage and @theblondeandthebay and @styledequestrain, but chances are you already know about them.

These accounts are all extremely different, but they are bound by the authenticity and passion that they bring to this community. So here are 8 equestrians that you need to be following. 

Leah from @bigbootybreeches is an incredible advocate for body positivity in the Equestrian community


Quite simply put Leah is a badass. An equine nutritionist by day, Leah has built her platform on advocating for body acceptance and generally taking the pressure off ourselves. She shines a light on the unhealthy standards that are all too often perpetuated in our sport and busts them! She is also a fellow poodle parent to her gorgeous little ball of fluff!

You can follow Leah on Instagram @bigbootybreeches an you can find her equine nutrition business at @thefeedroomnutrition


Fellow dietitian, Natalie Gavi has carved out a niche for herself by helping equestrians to better nourish themselves and fuel their goals

Fellow dietitian, Natalie Gavi has carved out a niche for herself by helping equestrians to better nourish themselves and fuel their goals. She breaks down nutrition myths and champions the message that there is no one type of body that riders need to have to be successful. She also shares her journey with her beautiful mare Stella.

You can follow her on Instagram @the.equestrian.dietitian, if you want to learn more about working with Natalie head over to https://www.gavinutrition.com/equestrians


Sara of @saddlensass is an absolute favourite equestrian to follow on Instagram
PC: Shelly Williams Photography

American based equestrian blogger Sara busted onto the blogging scene not too long ago. She speaks candidly about her challenges and successes in the saddle, most recently on the adorable lesson pony Dash. And she does this with an incredible sense of style and a smile on her face.

Follow Sara on Instagram @saddlesnsass


Caitlin is quite literally a shining ray of light in the equestrian Instagram community. On both her Instagram account and blog Caitlin shares her adventures with her lease horse Herman and her dog Diesel. Her enthusiasm for life, all things dogs and horses is infectious.

Caitlin as her Instagram handle suggests is an absolute ray of sunshine in the equestrian community

You can follow Caitlin on Instagram at @sparklesandsunshineblog


Stunning Irish scenery – Check. A wicked sense of humour – Check. Inspirational [without being cheesy] quotes – Check. Originally hailing from Alaska, Catherine now lives in Ireland. Along with her gorgeous mare Giselle, or Miss G as she is affectionately known, Catherine shares her equestrian adventures from the show ring to gallops along the beach. She also openly talks about the challenges of balancing a thriving career with pursuing her equestrian goals.

Wild Atlantic Rider aka Catherine and Miss G are amongst my favourite instagram accounts

You can follow Catherine on Instagram @wildatlanticrider


Natalie of Inside track eventing has a wicked clever sense of humour.

Natalie is someone I have been following since my early days of blogging. Based in Ireland Natalie owns two horses Paddy and Flash. Despite having follow Natalie for quite some time, it was only recently that I realised that Natalie and Catherine are good friends who live nearby! It was upon watching an IgTV “Chats with Nat” that epitomises so many of the things that aI love about Natalie’s account. Fun, humour and genuine authenticity, rather than the kind that people sometimes put on for engagement on social media.

Much like Catherine, Natalie also has a brilliant sense of humour and ability to point out the funny side of the things we do. Case and point this tweet….

Inside track eventing nails it once again with this hilarious tweet


Cassidy Brooke Bock is sharing her words of wisdom across equestrian social media

Whether you are a Twitter users on and Instagram fanatic you will likely have seen one of Cassidy’s sage pieces of advice that have been getting shared like wildfire. Cassidy pairs these words of wisdom with visually stunning photos, which is probably not too surprising given that she is an equine photographer! More recently she has pivoted into a career in rider fitness.

View this post on Instagram

To say Annie and I have come along way as a team just doesn’t feel big enough. These pictures are almost exactly 3 years apart. Annie was the first horse I ever started completely by myself. And to say it’s been a challenge to figure this chestnut mare out would be an understatement. She’s tested me emotionally & physically as a rider in more ways than any other horse I’ve ridden in the past 23 years of my riding career. I will never be able to thank my trainer, Kim, enough for coming into my life and not only teaching me physically how to ride Annie properly, but how to handle her emotionally. Realizing that truly everything that happens on her back is my fault and that she is only reacting to my requests as best she knows how has changed my life in more ways than just riding this fiery little mare. Today we were able to canter around about a 10 meter circle balanced and collected. This is by far my biggest accomplishment on this very opinionated little horse. Because of how challenging she has been, the reward of when she truly gives you her all is more than I could ever expect 💛 She might just be a nurse mare foal who grew up into a 15 hand chestnut mare of unknown breed, but this horse is priceless to me. She will forever be treated like the queen that she truly is. This feels like just the very beginning of big things to come. I can’t wait until we can start showing and show the world just what a little rescue mare who was born to be disposed of can accomplish. 💪🏼🦄 ——— First photo is today ➡️ second is May 2017

A post shared by 🦄 C A S S I D Y B R O O K E 💪🏼 (@cassidybrookebock) on

You can follow Cassidy on Instagram @cassidybrookebock


A new addition to my follow list is the beautiful Anu who embodies so many of the qualities that I admire in others. Anu pairs beautiful writing with stunning photos and a breathtaking vulnerability. Anu is a dressage rider and talks openly about her journey with her horses, Achates an OTTB and Basilio a 2yo Andalusian. Most importantly Anu is an advocate for making the equestrian world more inclusive.

You can follow Anu on Instagram @chetakhorses

The amazing Anu of @chetakhorses

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