Raspberry Coconut Frozen Yoghurt – recipe

With summer in full swing (in the southern hemisphere) fruits such as berries are at their best. These raspberries coconut frozen yoghurts are a great way to enjoy these gorgeous fruits.


400g yoghurt (I prefer vanilla yoghurt but any flavour will work well)
1 punnet raspberries
2-3 tablespoons of coconut flakesRaspberry coconut frozen yoghurts recipe


1. Crush berries using the back of a fork. You can make the berry pieces as small or as large as you like.2. Mix berries, yoghurt and coconut together3. Pour into icy pole moulds and freeze. Freeze for at least six hours.4. Take out and enjoy!Makes 6 serves (~120ml each)Raspberry coconut frozen yoghurtFor a variation on this recipe replace the raspberries with any other berry of your choice. You could also try adding in some white chocolate chip pieces for a sweeter option.