Welcome to Blogtober

Welcome to Blogtober

I’m sure you guys all know by now that I love nothing if not a challenge – enter Blogtober. A 30 day challenge where bloggers create a new post every day! Now this is a tall order!

Of course the equestrian blogging community has jumped on this idea and we are going to make Blogtober into one great big blog hop! This means that at the bottom of each post you will be directed to other blogs taking part. What a great way to discover new equestrian writers.

Equestrian Blog Hop

The Forelock Journal has set topics for each day. I’ll be using these as a starting point, but I will be getting creative with a few.

I’m going to be honest from the outset, it’s very u likely that with the commitments of my job and riding that I will manage to put out new blog content every day, but you can certainly expect more regular posts over the next 31 days.


So stay tuned for the Blogtober offerings!

5 responses to “Welcome to Blogtober”

  1. I too will be getting creative with some of the topics and have already veered off the proposed list. I think we all have such individual blogs that it cannot be one-size-fits-all regarding ideas. But they are a great jumping off point!

    • Totally, particularly when it comes to the seasonal ones – we are in spring over here although as Ally said it’s always summer here 🤣

  2. Another Aussie horse blogger?! Brb, immediately subscribing/following along! Super excited to follow along with your blog for the challenge!