CS&E Blog Awards Finalist 2018

Last Thursday morning I woke up in my cozy bed in Australia to find out that I was a finalist in the Country Style and Equestrian Blog Awards for 2018. This is an honour that took me completely by surprise.  The shock has now worn off, leaving joy and excitement in its place.

For anyone who has read and enjoyed this blog, I would love it if you would vote for us – the award is decided upon 50% public vote and 50% judges scores. You can vote at https://t.co/x5rDEuBwDM

You can vote now for the Sand Arena Ballerina - a finalist in the CS&E Blog Awards

The award is now in its 7th year and the line up of twelve finalists is brimming with talent, and includes some of my favourite bloggers. I feel #blessed to have been included in this incredible line up.

This blog started just under two years ago after I re-discovered my passion for writing. I had started blogging as a brand ambassador for an Australian company and was enjoying having a creative outlet. I was pouring my heart and soul into each post, but for at least the first six months I wondered if anyone would ever read my work.

Blogger Andrea Parker has been recognised as a finalist in the CS&E Blog Awards 2018

Fast forward 18 months and I feel so incredibly privileged to have been recognised by Samantha Hobden (The Founder of the blogger portal Haynet) and Ashley Rossiter (MD of Equestrian PR and Social Media Marketing Agency MirrorMePR) as a finalist in this years Award.

The Sand Arena Ballerina is a Finalist in the 2018 CS&E Blog Awards

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have been along on this journey with me and who have shown me so much support.