5 things I learnt going back to the gym

5 things I learnt going back to the gym

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This year I set a goal of improving my strength and fitness. While I have a reasonable base level of fitness thanks to riding 5-6 days per week I’m eager to see if increasing my fitness will make my position stronger and therefore make riding easier.

Anyway I set a goal of going to the gym 3 times per week and I am now just shy of 1 month into this goal and here is what I have learnt.

1. I have fairly good core strength.

Apparently all that time Coach Dani has been telling me to sit up and use my belly has not been in vain. When it comes to exercises that are predominantly core based I can hold my own.

My recent return to the gym has shown me that my core strength is fairly good

2. I have the upper body strength of a fish.

While my core is faring well, my upper body (read arms and chest) are sadly lacking. Maybe this is due to the fact that I rarely lug hay or feed around anymore. Just one of the benefits of being on agistment I guess. No the less this will improve after some time in the gym!

3. Going to a gym class called ‘Grit’ for the first time while you are still sick.

The good news is I didn’t pass out! The bad news? I came kinda close to it. I also wasn’t sure if I was running a fever or just hot from the intensity of the class and that was just by the end of the warmup … whoops.

In all seriousness I am a huge advocate of self care  and if you are feeling unwell one of the best things you can do for yourself is to rest up.

4. This body was not designed for cardio.

I feel like this one is fairly self explanatory and to be fair I kinda already knew this. When I was away from home as a uni student on placement I was unable to ride. In order to maintain some degree of fitness I started running, well sort of. I did not enjoy it and apparently this has not changed.

I’ll take weights in the gym over cardio any day

5. Active wear should be called comfort wear

I’m ready to ditch my regular bra’s for sports bras and have now taken to wearing cotton exercises singlets the majority of the time I’m not at work. And this is coming from someone who used to laugh at girls who hashtaged everything #activewear. That being said I refuse to pay $100 for what is essentially leg shaped spandex, unless they bear an equestrian label.

I’ll take weights in the gym over cardio any day

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11 responses to “5 things I learnt going back to the gym”

  1. Love this! I love the humor! The class was probably a bad idea but you can do like me and I started on the treadmill just walking and jogging and cardio got so much easier after a bit of conditioning! Good luck and congrats on going back to the gym!

    • Thank you!
      Yes on reflection the class while unwell was a very bad idea, however I just didn’t realise at the time just how unwell I still was. I went back last week and it was still hard, but not ‘oh I might pass out at any minute’ hard.

  2. I’d classify myself as #notarunner So no cardio for me either! And I’m just the opposite of you…core strength sucks (after a c-section it’s been rough) but my arms, chest, and back are getting there! Keep up the good work!

    • A c-section is a pretty good reason to have difficulties with core strength! Good to known that the upper body will improve with time.

    • Its certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. The good thing is that from a health point of view you really don’t need to be gyming or running. Any movement is great for body and mind.

  3. I think you learn what works for you and what doesn’t as you go through your gym journey. I’m too shy to go to the gym!

  4. Oh goodness I have no upper body strength whatsoever. I try to do weights and I get through maybe three sets of 12 using a 5lb weight and I’m pooped.