15 Signs that you are a true equestrian girl

The equestrian girl is a unique breed and is pretty easy to spot so long as you know what to look for.

Here are 15 signs that you might be an equestrian girl.

1. Your social life is restricted to hanging out with friends at shows and clinics and dates with your boyfriend/partner (if they are lucky).

2. You have an agreement with your partner that if they are to make a proposal of marriage they will offer you an engagement horse rather than a ring.

3. When most girls were dreaming about their wedding day you were dreaming about your Grand Prix debut.

4. Your dream car is a Dodge Ram 1500.

5. Couture to you means Kask and Asmar Equestrian.

6. High flow diesel is one of your favourite things in life.

7. You know that life would be simpler if breeches were considered ‘professional dress’.

8. You wouldn’t dare deviate from your strict 5week shoeing schedule for your equine partner but your shoes are at least two years old (and maybe they’re even falling apart).

9. Your money isn’t actually yours, it belongs to your horse.

10. You didn’t think twice about paying $800 for your bespoke made to measure Celeris boots (you know they are an investment), but $100 for jeans seems pretty ridiculous.

11. You are seriously considering a petition to your local TV station to have the football coverage replaced with coverage of the Longines World Cup.

12. Your partner knows to add at least two hours on to whatever time you told them you’d be back from the barn.

13. Your significant life events (graduation, birthdays, marriage etc) have to fit in around your competition schedule. Not the other way around.

14. When someone mentions protection your first thought is about bandages, brush boots and shipping boots.

15. The closest your nails get to a mani/pedi is being chopped off nice and short to keep the dirt out from underneath them. Besides long nails are errr impractical…

15 signs that you are a true equestrian girl

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2 responses to “15 Signs that you are a true equestrian girl”

  1. Ha Ha love it and couldn’t have said it better myself!! I remember when everything I did revolved around my horses, my comp schedule and burning the candle at both ends to make sure I could fit work in around it. I worked 2 jobs 1 through the day and then of a night and in between I would teach and train other peoples horses. I couldn’t get enough of it and dearly miss it now! And yes nearly every birthday etc was spent with them, even my poor mum on mothers day, but she was just as bad as me and besides she was my strapper!! LOL

    • Ah the joys of horses taking over your life, but we just don’t know any other way!