Wilson Equestrian Super Stick Breeches

Wilson Equestrian Super Stick Breeches

Product Review

I started wearing Wilson Equestrian breeches about a year and a half ago when I became one of their brand ambassadors. I instantly fell in love with the super stick breeches.

When I recently discovered that I own no less than seven pairs, I did start to wonder if I had developed an addition.

I could be a drug addict, instead I'm addicted to breeches

Lets be real though, it’s a pretty benign addiction in the bigger scheme of things.

What’s so great about the Wilson Equestrian Super Stick Breeches?

There is a lot to love about these breeches:

  • They are incredibly stretchy. For as long as I can remember, For as long as I can remember I have been hiking breeches up around my knees to ensure that I still have some semblance of range of motion once up in the saddle. With the super stick breeches this is no longer a necessity. They move with you, almost like a second skin. Additionally the lycra socks at the bottom of the breeches have far more stretch than traditional velcro closures. This means no more painful marks around the calf from too tight breeches.
  • The material is neither thin or flimsy. In fact the first time I wore my white super stick breeches at a competition I accidentally wore bright pink underwear but they didn’t show through. Not even a bit!
  • The extreme level of stickiness that these breeches provide is also pretty incredible. The entire inside of the breeches is covered in a pattern of silicon dots. And while these do provide extra grip they still allow you to move within the saddle as you need.
  • A wide variety of beautiful colours. The available colours include emerald green, navy, bright blue, grey and ice teal. Perfect for those of us with an urge to match! They are also available in white and beige for competitions.
  • Best of all they are reasonably priced. The new season colours (grey and ice teal) are a bargain at $99.95!

Wilson Equestrian Super Stick Breeches Review


The one slight draw back to these breeches was with the original design. They had Diamanté’s around the pockets and the back. Unfortunately these had a tendency to come off in the wash. This is likely why they were not seen on the more recent version of the breeches.

My Rating:

With a total of 7 out of 10 pairs of breeches in my wardrobe being the Wilson Equestrian Super Stick Breeches, its safe to say I’m a fan, I rate the Wilson Equestrian breeches 4/5 stars.

Wilson Equestrian White super stick breeches in Action
Wilson Equestrian white super stick breeches in action